I confess. Since I was 8 years old and first picked up a guitar, I have been infected with that social virus of attempting to be a ‘musician’. Oh Yeah, musicianship is a disease and there is no cure. Like any cultural ‘meme’ (i.e. compelling concept), it is addicting, and the best one can hope for is a benefically parasitic version of the “music” virus and you – the host. For me, as I approach 50 years of being a musician, the infection has taken on many forms, some good, some not-so-good. Fortunately, I have not contracted the fatal form of the virus (you know, like Elvis, Jimi, Jim Morrison, Janis… the list is long and somewhat depressing, so I will not elaborate further). Anyways, this weBLOG will be about my journey thru life virally infected with music (gosh, it’s almost like herpes, no cure, and no way to predict an outbreak). Hopefully, a few of my fellow ‘infected’ friends and other guest contributors will show up here and tell you their experiences with the “music” virus.