One of the best places to jam with ‘blues’ musicians is the Archie Edwards Blues Heritage Foundation ( located in Washington, DC. Unfortunately, the ‘barbershop’ where the jams take place every Saturday afternoon has been sold and the foundation is arranging for new space for the weekly jams to continue. We think it’s one of the best jams for any musician. One visit, and most musicians/singers are sure to add some ‘blues’ songs to their repetoire. Or, take one of the music workshops the foundation sponsors. Get the schedule of mini-concerts or arrange to play, perhaps, with some of the musicians and their groups in other public performances.
Although the foundation promotes the ‘piedmont blues’ style, many songs played in the jams crossover to rhythm and blues, country, old timey, or just about any other style on occasion. The jams are friendly and beginners are encouraged. Watch a downloadable Mpeg video of the Saturday Jam;

Blues Jammin’ at Archie Edwards