I attended the Philadelphia Folk Festival for the first time in 1969 instead of going to Woodstock. My first acoustic guitar (a cheap 1958 Harmony blondie “f” hole, which I still have) went along with me. Much to my enjoyment, the campground brimmed with jam sessions, day and night, for the entire three day festival. Those jam sessions continue to this day nearly 40 years later. If you are an acoustic musician and enjoy jamming, you would do well to attend the Philadelphia Folk Festival.

The 2007 Philly Folk Fest was no exception to the past. Fortunately, we have graduated from ‘raw’ tent camping to rented recreational vehicles providing amenities such as kitchens, bathrooms, real beds, and more. Having an RV allows much more concentration on playing music and enjoying the culture. Don’t let the nomenclature of ‘folk’ make you believe that you won’t find a jam session for your style of music. You will find everything from 60’s folk, blues, rhythm and blues, classic early rock n’ roll, bluegrass, country, Irish, African, Eastern European, square dancing, and more.