The address and location of the relocated jams can be found at The jam is every Sat. with few exceptions from 1 to 5pm or later. It’s musician time. Check out the website to see other interesting things about the Foundation. That’s me on the right, Dave Rothman in the middle, and Ian Walters on the left. There are around a half dozen other people in the room playing as the lead passes from person-to-person in the jam.

The jam is an all acoustic affair and it’s supposed to be Piedmont Style blues, but after 5pm anything goes. Standard jam etiquette applies. The rotating “lead” calls the tune and key. That person signals others to take musical breaks where desired for that song, and signals the end of the tune with a standard “doggie leg lift”. Of course, don’t play too loud over the singer, and don’t step on or overfill someone else’s “break” on a song.  All ages and musical or singing abilities are welcome. It’s all about participation and trying to keep a culture going.