Callahans Junction ( presents news and opinions written to promote “Jam” style music performance and improvisational music. There is a special emphasis on acoustic musicians and singers. Historically, until recently with the ability to travel widely and the widespread use of ‘electronically’ enhanced instruments and sound production equipment, the music ‘of the people’ has been performed acoustically. Often, the groups of musicians and singers performing were comprised of whoever was available at the time, and there are many ‘standard’ songs whatever style or form you would classify the music.

We support this ‘jamming’ music tradition across folk, bluegrass, country, Irish, sea chantey, blues, jazz, and other music styles by attending and performing at many different regular ‘jam’ musician sessions. We also donate, when we can, to help support the many non-profit organizations involved in keeping this tradition alive. You will find if you attend as a musician/singer or just a ‘listener’ that almost all ‘jam’ sessions produce some professional level performances and almost everyone very friendly and receptive.

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